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Author: HANDEL

Stand out

02 Feb Market thyself

  We’re currently in the midst of a recruitment drive and whilst taking a well-deserved break from reviewing applications, I thought it a good idea to pen some advice for those on the marketing job market.   I’m most likely the millionth (frustrated) person to write an article...

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11 Jan Cheque, please!

A guidance counsellor (or therapist, not sure which) once asked me the following question: “If nothing stood in your way – not money, talent or experience – what would you do, workwise?”   My immediate response, without hesitation: I would run a small bistro-style eatery. I was,...

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Business Office

04 Nov Craving Questions

Ask yourself why you don’t ask more questions I recently read a fantastic book authored by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. The One Thing focuses on the power of asking the right questions and shares with its readers “the surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results.” The authors focus on...

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04 Nov B2B = B2P

I recently had the privilege of attending and speaking at an industry conference that looked at the trends shaping the business-to-business (B2B) marketing landscape. Over the course of two days, we heard from various industry experts – academics, practitioners and agency folk – on what...

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04 Nov The Three Is

Chad is from Cape Town. He is 33 and sells air-conditioning solutions to businesses and households.   Simphiwe is from Johannesburg. He is an IT reseller based in the northern suburbs and sells PCs, printers, storage and networking solutions to a growing customer base.   And Mel is a...

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27 Oct R is for Relevance

The fax machine. An Internet café. Business class on domestic flights. Telephone guides. Cheques. Payphones. Cassette tapes. Printed books and magazines. The list goes on.   What do these items have in common?   They have become, for the most part, irrelevant.   No one faxes in 2015 – no one....

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